We are experts in the production and bulk wholesale of Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate with a worldwide distribution.

Global Nitrates is a family run company, part of the ACF Nitrates Group that has been producing natural nitrates by using the crystallisation process of solutions rich in nitrates from the Tarapacá region of the Atacama Desert in Chile for more than a 100 years.

We are experts in the production of Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrate. We supply to large agricultural companies, distributors, industrial companies, fertiliser blenders worldwide.

Potassium Nitrates

All of our products come from a natural nitrogen rich source in the Atacama Desert, they are used mainly for crop fertilisation for fruit and vegetable production in the agricultural industry. They can also be used in horticulture for lawn care, tree stump removal, pyrotechnics, toothpaste whiteners, diuretics for livestock and food preservatives.

Different purity levels are available and with other nutrient concentrations eg Sodium, Sulphate, Magnesium, in both crystal and prilled forms. Our products are all virtually free of perchlorates ( Na, CI- and CI04).

  • Crop fertiliser
  • Tree stump removal
  • Horticulture
  • Pyrotechnics

Potassium Nitrate Agricutural data sheet


Potassium Nitrate Crystal data sheet

Sodium Nitrate

Used mainly in the chemical and waste water treatment industry

We offer different purity levels of Sodium Nitrate, mostly requested are 98% or 99%. Our prilled product has a low degree of decomposition in NOx that helps to achieve safe and stable chemical handling which is mainly used as a slow release fertiliser in the agricultural industry.

Sodium Nitrate crystals are mainly used in marine crops where it is the key nutrient for ocean flora, in the aquarium industry, the cultivation of biofuel, shrimp farming and in solar plants that store heat with molten nitrates salts.

  • Marine crop fertiliser
  • Aquarium Biofuel
  • Glass and pottery enamels

Sodium Nitrate data sheet

Solar Salts

A mix of Solar Grade Potassium and Sodium Nitrate Salts.

Solar Salts are used for the construction and replenishing of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants’ solar towers. The sun’s energy is used to heat up a mixture of Potassium and Sodium Nitrate to molten temperatures. The stored heat is then used to boil water, spin a steam turbine, and generate electricity when required.

This is now a proven technology and an area of growth of green energy. We can produce the quality and quantities required.

  • Solar Power Plants (CSP)
  • Solar Towers

Potassium Nitrate Solar Salts data sheet


Sodium Nitrate Solar Salts data sheet

We have been producing nitrates from the
Atacama Desert, Chile, for more than a 100 years

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The mineral wealth we have access to, solar energy and state of the art technology means our nitrate production is low cost and has a low carbon footprint value per kilo of product produced and also very low perchlorate content.

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Our products are shipped directly
from Chile to the world.

The current licensed annual production capacity of Nitrates produced at our plant is 300,000 Tonnes / Year. We ship containers directly from Chile to any port in the world, delivery is usually 8-10 weeks from order.

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